Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rules and Member's Responsibility
Care of Toys and containers
Toys are more appealing when well maintained. Toys must be returned to the library clean, free of sand and dry. Please keep containers, particularly plastic bags, out of reach of children. Please wash toy containers if they are dirty.

What if a toy is damaged or broken?
If you find a toy or container is broken prior to borrowing, please alert the committee member on duty as it may be removed from borrowing. If you find a toy is broken at home, please do not let your child play with it. You may be liable for a percentage of the replacement value of the toy (at the committee's discretion).

If a toy is lost, you will be required to pay a percentage of the replacement cost.

Toy containers and bags
These are for toy storage only. They are not playthings. If a container or bag is badly damaged, then it is the member's responsibility to replace the container with something equally suitable.

Lifting and reaching for toys
If you find that a toy is hard to reach or you feel that you cannot lift a toy safely, please ask for assistance.

Borrowing responsibility
It is your responsibility to check and count all pieces of a toy that you intend to borrow before you leave. Always check against the toy card, and check the back of the card for a list of any missing pieces. If you discover any discrepencies, please bring them to the attention of the committee member on duty.

All members are required to do duty approximately once a term. If you are unable to do your allocated duty, please organise a swap with another member.
Are there any late fees?
  • Late fees $2 per toy per week (to a maximum of $16).
  • Missing pieces are $2 per piece (for basic pieces eg. a lego block). This is refundable on return of the missing piece, so please make an effort to keep searching for any missing pieces in your house.
  • Missing critical pieces are $5 per piece. (eg. a critical piece or part of a game such as the train for the train set).

What is the Duty Roster?
As the Toy Library is run by unpaid volunteers, we do require all members to help with duty, usually only once per term. Duty involves attendance at a toy library session (either Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays) to help check out toys to other members. Roster Duty is a great way to meet other members and to see what toys are available. A Committee member will always be present to help check out toys and assign tasks for the rostered member to help with.

Children are welcome to attend when you are performing duty, but please remember you are responsible for them. Children attending can happily play with the bigger toys out on display, but please discourage them from playing with toys with small parts or many pieces.

A blank roster is available via the Mibase website ( you are encouraged to fill in your own date/s that are most convenient. Otherwise you will be allocated a date for your duty. Please let the roster committee person know if you will be away for an extended period of time. If you are unable to attend your rostered duty, you MUST arrange a swap with another member and you must inform the committee person on duty as well as your roster committee person.

If you fail to attend your rostered duty and you fail to notify someone, your membership may be suspended.

Can I introduce a new member?
If you introduce a new member to the Toy Library you will receive a month free membership. Please tell the committee member on duty.

Toy stocktake is completed once a term i.e. 4 per calendar year
Toy stocktake is completed once per year. During this time all toys are washed, pieces counted, toy cards rewritten and a checklist is completed. Toys are assessed and removed if they are found to be no longer suitable for borrowing.

Can I defer my membership?
If you wish, you can defer your membership for up to 12 months.
How do I cancel my membership?
If you wish to resign as a member, please let the roster committee member know as soon as possible so that you are not scheduled on the next roster.
If you wish to resign as a member, please inform us at