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How to join the library

The easiest way to become a member of the toy library is by clicking here. You can also sign up in person at a Toy Library session.

Membership Fees

Membership TypeCost per yearToy Allowance
Full$504 toys per fortnight
Family Plus (for large family)$608 toys per fortnight
Concession and/or Grandparent$404 toys per fortnight
Casual$20 for 2 months
(plus $50 deposit)
4 toys per fortnight
First time baby$50 plus get 6-months free4 toys per fortnight

Toy allowance

Our ‘Full’ membership allows you to borrow four toys a fortnight. If you buy a ‘Family Plus’ membership, then your toy allowance doubles.

NEW – Casual membership

We’ve recently introduced a Casual membership which is perfect if you’re looking to join short-term or as a trial. It’s $20 for two months plus a $50 deposit, which is refunded on final return of all toys borrowed. It allows you to borrow four toys a fortnight. If you’d like to continue, we can easily change the membership (with the difference refunded back to you). If you’d like to know more or have any questions about becoming a casual member, please get in touch with us, we’d love to help you if we can.

NEW – First-time baby membership

Sign up for a full annual membership before your first baby is nine months of age and receive an additional six months free! Take a look at our toys in the Early Learning range which are specifically for babies and younger children up to the age of 18 months and you’ll be opening up a new world of fun for your little one. Our toys include baby gyms, walkers and musical response toys.


We send regular emails to our members to update them on any changes to our operations and to share any news. We also like to reach out to our members via Facebook and Instagram, so please like and follow us to keep up-to-date!