why join a Toy Library?

help your child’s development

Children learn through play, and good quality toys enable many kinds of play. A toy library welcomes you and your children to come and borrow well-designed toys, games, puzzles to suit each child’s preferences and developmental needs.

help the planet

Reduce your consumption of toys by borrowing instead of buying, and help cut down the amount of toy waste going into landfill. Your kids will also learn from an early age about borrowing, sharing and caring for toys.

save money and space

Good toys (and not so good ones!) are expensive and can quickly lose their play value. As a member of a toy library, you can borrow an amazing array of toys at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy them, and refresh your kids’ toy selection every couple of weeks. You can also save space by not having to permanently store toys at home.

connect with families and your community

A toy library provides a welcoming space for families to connect with other local families and to feel connected to the community. By joining Ocean Grove Toy Library, you’re also supporting a volunteer-run organisation that provides a valuable service to a growing community.